"Black Elk Speaks - As told through John G. Neihard" By Nicholas Black Elk

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Black Elk was nine years of age when he first had his vision. He became very ill during the summer. He heard a voice while he was lying in his tepee. He saw two men coming from the clouds both carrying a long spear from the points of these spears lightning was flashing. He followed these men. A cloud came down from the sky and swept him into the sky. The men took Black Elk to a bay horse, who showed him the west where twelve black horses stood, the north where twelve white horses stood and white geese soared and circle the white horses, the east where twelve sorrel horses stood, and finally the south where twelve buckskins stood. The bay horse told Black Elk that his grandfathers where have council and he must hurry. The horses of the four directions lined up four by four and marched with Black Elk and the bay horse to the council meeting.

As he turned, Black Elk say a cloud turn into a tepee with a rainbow for a door. Inside the tepee were six old men, who were representing the powers of the world: West, North, East, South, Sky, and Earth. The first being, West, gave Black Elk the power of the power beings, a wooden cup of sky for life, a bow for war, and his spirit. The second being, North, gave him a herb for the restoration of all. The third being, East, gave him a peace pipe for healing. The fourth being, South, gave him a living red stick for growing and showed him the two roads: one of prosperity, and the other of war. The fifth being, Sky, gave him the power of the wind. The sixth being, Earth, gave him power of to endure all the...