Black intellect

Essay by NemesisCollege, Undergraduate April 2002

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Black Intellect in today's culture has helped our race achieve the level of success

that we are at now. The many businesses that we own, our private institutions and

organizations combined with our ever increasing population in the United States could

have never been imagined 50 years ago. Was it the black intelligence that brought us here

or was it a gradual change that was found to come in time. I believe it was the many black intellectual leaders of the past that helped us achieve the level of success we are at. While the anti-intellectuals have just held us back. The perfect leaders do not exist. However there are many excellent black intellectual leaders waiting to be discovered, past, present and future that outweigh the number of black anti-intellectuals.

The first man on the list, Dr. King. Dr. King makes me look at his campaign in a different light.

The idea of 'taking the church into the street' was a way to picture Dr. King's vision. If you follow his campaign of non-violence and place it with his religious background you see that preaching in the streets is exactly what he did. Some may view his methods as weak or too passive but you have to look into Dr. King's methods of courage to understand what he was trying to do. How many people could actually stand up against millions who deliver you nothing but hate and return to them nothing but love and forgiveness? Indeed not many, but Dr. King was one of the few. To all black men he should be the embodiment of courage.

Next is Malcolm Little commonly known as Malcolm X. Malcolm believed in the uplifting of the black man over the 'white devils' by any means necessary. Statements like these were probably uttered...