The Blackfeet- Tell me about the food, clothing, religion, recreation, shelter, transportation, and the location about the blackfeet.

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The blackfeet tribe was always grateful for the food and other materials the buffalo provided. Since the buffalo was plentiful in the plains, it was the main food source. Wherever the buffalo went, the blackfeet went. They would only hunt buffalo is they needed too, and if they killed buffalo they tried not to waste any part of it. Its meat was eaten fresh, smoked, roasted meat, even the tongue, intestines, liver, brains, marrow, nose were eaten. A very good way of preserving the meat is to make it into pemmican. Pemmican was dried buffalo meat pounded, mixed with buffalo fat and dried, crushed berries. Sausages were made from strips of meat and fat seasoned with mild onions and various herbs. They also ate other animals such as waterfowl, squirrel, deer, antelopes, elk, moose, rabbits, chickens, and birds, if they can. The buffalo's stomach was used as a cooking pot, which they hung over a fire and cooked and prepared they food.

As said before, they tried not to waste any part of the animal. The skin was tanned, the bones were carved into tools, and hooves were boiled to make glue. They often trade materials amongst tribes.

They used the horns and other materials from the buffalo and used it to hunt it. In conclusion, the blackfeet were always thankful of the buffalo.


Just like food, buffalo was also used for clothings. To prepare or tan a hide you have to, scrape the hide and remove the fat and hair from it, stretch the hide on the ground and lace it to a frame. Then the hide is rubbed with a mixture of liver and brains, the skin was then rubbed with a smooth stone until it was soft. The hides were sewn together by an awl...