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The Blackfoot is a confederacy of Indians of the northern plains belonging to Algonquian stock. The Blackfoot native American tribe are named the Blackfoot because they dyed their moccasins black. Siksika mean black foot. They did this by burning black fish and using the fire ash to die them. There located in northern Montana and southern Alberta Canada. The three tribes in the Blackfeet Indians were 1. The Blood, 2. ThePiegan, 3. The Siksika.

Those living in Canada use the name Blackfoot.

The Blackfeet live on both sides of the United States Canadian border in Montana and Alberta. Historically, the tribes that make up today's Blackfeet nation lived in an area stretching from Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada to Montana and Idaho in the United States from longitude 105 degrees to the base of the Rocky Mountains. Based on story tellers point of view they once lived around the Great Lakes, later moving to the Great Plains region.

The Blackfoot tribe lived in teepees. They still have colorful painted canvas tipis which are erected at a major social gathering.

On a usual day the Blackfoot would hunt, pray, and farm. In the beginning of the 18th century the Blackfoot hunted buffalo by foot.

The Blackfoot used the buffalo hide to make teepees and clothing.

The buffalo provided all their needs.

The Blackfoot tribe did what they had to do to live. Sometimes they stole horses. They would find the best horses and steal them in the night time when the owners were sleeping. They would use the horses for hunting buffalo. They skinned the buffalo so they had leather for clothing and teepees. The meat provided them with food.

During the first half of the 19th century, the Blackfoot were at there right of passages. They were the most aggressive...