"Blacks and Education in the United States"

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This paper is about the struggles and obstacles that were created by the United States in order to keep schools segregated.

Blacks and Education in the United States

African American Studies

9 December 2003


Black Education Research Paper 5-14

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African Americans who were enslaved wished for freedom. While enslaved, the African Americans were beaten, underfed, mistreated, disrespected, worked to death, and treated harsher than any human being should even consider being treated. These slaves were not allowed freedom or any education. Slave owners made sure that the slaves would stay illiterate in order to keep control of them. Some slaves were able to read and write in secrecy, which led to revolts to gain freedom. African Americans realized that knowledge was the key to freedom. Freedom came after the Civil War.

Freed slaves realized that their lack of skills could be fixed by getting an education. The African American who was trying to get an education was working hard to learn but was also facing a government who would not teach African Americans as completely as their white counterparts. African Americans had to fight through years and years of long, arduous work in order to get equal, integrated schools so that everyone would have an equal opportunity to learn. Generations have passed since the slave trade ended and now you can see the effects of educated African Americans in society. The pain and suffering by ancestors have led to successful black businessmen and women, teachers, singers, doctors, philosophers, and many more leaders that have been able to change the way people live and think. Every child, no matter what its skin color, learns as he or she grows up. When the...