Blacks Who Proved Themselves Denied The Brass Ring

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Blacks who prove themselves, denied the brass ring.

It has been going on for hundreds of years that black people have been being degenerated by the white man. Some people say and think that it is not being done anymore, but we can still see it today. In some places even here in America, which is supposed to be the land of the free. We stereotype the colored community as being less than the white American. One good example for all of this, is to be read in the Miami herald of march 7th 2002, where they speak of a man named Jeffrey Sterling, he is a 34 year old black American and now a former CIA agent because when it was time to give him the posting on the Iran task Force for which he seemed qualified, his bosses found all sorts of reasons for not sending him overseas.

He said that it came down to the fact that his bosses didn't think a black man could do the job. His supervisor on the Iran Task Force told him that a big black man speaking Farsi, would have stuck out, and thus couldn't be a discreet spymaster. I have seen movies in which they tell black soldiers that they couldn't not be send into battle because "black people" can't see well in the dark. I think it is all about fear, the superior white officers are afraid that a black man would succeed and become a higher ranking officer than them. The white community uses the black people even when they do e good thing for them, they are still thinking about themselves first. Ex: Sterling was a lawyer, he worked ass hard ass anybody to get where he was, and when they let him join the CIA, he was the only black man there surprise surprise. He said to the New York Times:" I think they bring minorities in the door to maintain appearances and so they can say they are diverse. But that is just a façade." Even when they appear to become a bit reasonable and human like by treating the black society as equals in the white man performing in a selfish way. Now I don't want to stereotype myself but it is more that clear that after all that these people have been true fighting for their rights, protesting and taking crap from other people, I think that they deserve the same respect as any other human being because that is what they are. They deserve to be let in to any platoon or army or be able to get any military position if that is what they earned. I don't say that we have to give them special privileges, but that we have to treat everybody as equals. I don't think that I am a very pacifist person because the first thing I think when I see injustice is that someone has to be punished for it. I know that, that is not the proper way to handle these situations. But anger brings me to think like that. I hope I showed you a bit about what I feel with this paper and I hope that you are on the good side, the equal rights side.