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The Use of the Color White to Represent Wisdom and Respect Any good novel can tell a story, or introduce characters or even tell a tale about their lives. An excellent novel will provide hidden imagery, so every time it is read, a new meaning or look is given to the story. The Stone Angel, Outsider and King Lear all provide this aspect in their stories. The main characters in these books have all been interpreted differently by any person who reads any of these three books. Some feel sympathy, resentment and even angered by these characters. The authors of these three books have used imagery in their plots to create situations that develop into themes. Color imagery, animal imagery and flower imagery are just some of the themes found throughout these stories. The use of colors provides tones, indicates events and even sets the mood in these stories.

The color white especially has the same representation in all three books. It represents wisdom and respect to certain characters in these stories.

In the Stone Angel, Laurence uses the color white many times throughout her novel. The first time the color is mentioned, it is used to describe the stone angel that sat at the top of the hill above town. Hagar did not understand at that time how valuable it was to her or what it meant, but she knew that it was respected. Another time in the book white is used is when Auntie Doll is described. Although she was just hired help, she symbolized a mother figure for Hagar when she was a child. When described, she seen as widow whom wore a white lace boudoir cap. (7 S.A) But, she was wise and caring to Hagar as a child.

Also, ironically, white represented Lottie as...