Blade Runner

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Nowadays, the issue of genetic research is very debatable in community and especially in the scientific field by authorities. The technology is developing day by day and the genetic is probably affected by these developments and it cause a question in our minds 'How can we explore the meaning of being a human in the future and how can we change the world's conditions by making people wrong decisions?' Actually, the comparison of the two characters of the film 'Blade Runner' is enough to understand and have a general opinion about the issue.

Firstly, in term of physical features, there are many similarities between Deckard and Roy. Deckard is a normal human being, but he is very strong as an ancient policeman. However Roy is a little stronger than him, because he is a replicant who has a capability to realize some works that a human cannot realize his natural features.

Similar to Deckard, Roy has a perfect body that nobody is able to recognize his difference without asking some emotional questions by checking the iris' movement. Deckard has brown hair and blue eyes. He is a little chubby. He looks older than Roy. However, Roy has yellow hair. He has different style. He is as tall as Deckard. In spite of Deckard's long life with lots of experience, he can be considerable as a handsome man.

Secondly, psychological features are also very important to comprise them, because their psychological differences constitute the main point of the film. As a replicant, Roy is created to be used in some responsibilities that a human being cannot realize such as exploration in dangerous places or colonization of other worlds; therefore Roy is able to kill other people called enemy by his creators. However Deckard has quitted the...