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Laughing All the Way. People and their sense of humor

inreality appearance does little to actually distinguish people outside of identifying them.Having blue eyes does not say anything about my attitude, my beliefs, my likes or dislikes.Of course there ...

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Is war justified or not? A detailed explanation.

ppened? Would Jews still be persecuted? Would Hitler have had his "perfect" race or blonde hair and blue eyes? Would most of Europe now not be speaking English or French, Spanish, Portuguese etc., but ...

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This essay is about best friends and how after 13 years they still can spend so long together and not regret it. MY BEST FRIEND is the title

isters and it's easy to understand why; we both stand little over five foot tall, have blonde hair, blue eyes, and wear the same size clothing. It always seems that my closet has more of her clothes i ...

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Through the Eyes of a Child: The unconditional love of my granddaughter.

Through the Eyes of a ChildShe is a beautiful two-year-old child with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her lips are like little rose buds and her enthusiastic smile can warm the coldest of hea ...

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"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury.

Ylla, a martian woman, has dreams of an Earth man, with black hair and blue eyes, coming to her and speaking to her. Yll becomes angry and jealous and "goes hunting" one d ...

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A biography and analysis of Hitler's formative years.

forehead made him resemble a comic book character to some people. However, his fiery words and big blue eyes seemed to hypnotize those that listened and followed him. Hitler was a man that gave excel ...

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The charley davison adventures.

button 'cept I don't think that buttons are very cute. I have yellow hair like the sun, and my big blue eyes could melt butter, that is what my mom says. My mom says that I have a way about me, I am ... my dad holds on to me and I jump really high. My dad looks like me, he is really skinny and had big blue eyes that can show up the sky on a good day my mom says. But he has big muscles from watching w ...

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"Divine Intervention with a Mortal Hand" A satire on genetics.

itler had the right idea when he suggested that the superior race would all be blonde with gorgeous blue eyes. Now, the late dictator's dream is feasible. Isn't technology grand?Science has provided a ...

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Descriptive Essay.

y wood. The sound of waves crashingagainst the beach could be heard when looking into those crystal blue eyes.Those big bright eyes were enchanting and inspiring. This baby had a lusciouspowdery smell ...

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The Shadowed Man.

pted from my throut. I scrambled back and reached behind me for the brass doorknob, never taking my blue eyes off the giant of a man.He reached his hand out for mine. A bead of salty sweat dripped fro ...

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"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. Character analysis, protagonist vs antagonist, parallel structures...

. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without stillness. Out of this face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated now, and turning, or ready to, to anger." [Golding-20] In the beginning ...

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The Life of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev.

of fourteen or seventeen children (records do not agree). He was a handsome boy with curly hair and blue eyes. He was a mediocre student who learned science from his brother-in-law, who was exiled to ...

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Tacittus writing from Germany

tion. "Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, red hair, huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion."(270) The Roman's did not have the ...

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Saving a Life from Suicide

ares, no worries, just living it up being teenagers in high school. She was beautiful: blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great sense of humor. We had gym class together, and we were always last to be dres ...

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Nazis Treatment of the Jews

type of super human race of Aryans by only breeding with people six foot tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.Jewish persecution hadn't started with Hitler, Jews have been persecuted for hundreds o ...

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The story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna

xpected a boy. Anastasia was a light brown sometimes-referred to as a blondish red haired girl with blue eyes, a true beauty. Anastasia had three elder sisters: Olga, Tatiana, and Maria. Alexei was he ...

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"How to build a slaughterhouse" by Richard Selzer

clear that he is the star"(118). Selzer describes the throat slitter as a man with blonde hair and blue eyes, which is a connection to the Nazis and the perfect Arian race. The slitter has become num ...

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"Sleeping Beauty vs. Snow White"

re both characters that are unrealistically beautiful. Sleeping Beauty for instance, had fair skin, blue eyes, long blonde hair, and an impossibly thin figure. This sets unrealistic standards for fema ...

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A Class Divided

ivided", Jane Elliot a teacher from Riceville, Iowa engages her third grade class into a brown eyed/blue eyed experiment. The experiment is to help the children to understand about prejudice and discr ... rimination. The same experiment was also used a couple of years later with adults.In the brown eyed/blue eyed experiment Jane Elliot told her third graders with blue eyes that they were better than th ...

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The Quest of Cloud

er as the gods have.As Zeus looked down from his throne of gold, speckled with precious jewels, his blue eyes could see the power of the fire that existed in this child."Hera!" Zeus billowed.Suddenly ... sted in this child."Hera!" Zeus billowed.Suddenly a tall, elegant female with sun golden curls, sky blue eyes, cherry red lips, and cream-colored skin appeared before Zeus."You beckoned my lord?" she ...

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