The Shadowed Man.

Essay by studysk8Junior High, 7th grade December 2003

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A shadow fell over my doorway. A man of great width and stature stood, leaning down to look into my face. A pitiful scream erupted from my throut. I scrambled back and reached behind me for the brass doorknob, never taking my blue eyes off the giant of a man.

He reached his hand out for mine. A bead of salty sweat dripped from my forehead onto my shirt. Panic glistened in my eyes. His hand was an inch away from me. Just in time I pushed the door open and pulled myself in to the warm open house I call home.

I Felt safe. Realizing the man was outside, I decided to wait on the ground. I heard a rapping at the door, and soon freight filled my heart.

"Go away" I whispered almost silently, "leave me alone."

The knocking stopped and relief soon swarmed over me like a cool blanket.

I stood and was on my way to the gleaming kitchen when I heard the creak of a door opening. Knowing no one was home; panic filled my eyes and ears again. The sound of footsteps came from the back room, where the back door stood. I ruffled and squeaked a bit. Running to the closet door, I pulled on the handle just in time. I saw a huge shadow fall through the kitchen doorway as I slipped inside the dark room.

I waited in the silence, hearing nothing, seeing nothing. A faint sound came from the other side of the doorway, and I heard footsteps going climbing the stairs. The last step creaked as the man stepped on it. I waited; deciding it was safe to leave my well placed hiding space. Opening the door I listened for any sound. None came to my ears. I...