"Divine Intervention with a Mortal Hand" A satire on genetics.

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"Divine Intervention with a Mortal Hand"

In today's technologically sound society one has the opportunity for an easier and more productive society. In the new world of the web, one must no longer bother with correspondence or primitive research techniques. The invention of e-mail enables someone to write a person without the hassle of the incredibly slow postal service. Libraries full of resource books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are now replaced by online sources. The medical field has enabled men and women to reproduce by means of fertility drugs or surrogate parents. Genetics has taken the reproduction process one step further by allowing us to easily pick and choose our progeny; all of what was once God's children can now be beautifully selected children of science. Diversity and individuality is over rated; Hitler had the right idea when he suggested that the superior race would all be blonde with gorgeous blue eyes.

Now, the late dictator's dream is feasible. Isn't technology grand?

Science has provided a means of curing several social dilemmas. "Grocery store babies"--as we will refer to the genetically engineered creatures of the future--minimizes the need for marriage, thereby, lessoning the outrageous divorce rate. Mothers and fathers will no longer be necessary; the perfect child could simply be cloned. And by saying "perfect child", I mean one could hand select the gene that guarantees intelligence, beauty, and success. Just for fun, geneticists can make a few incredibly stupid children to humor the masses. With the exception of those who simply wish to raise children, parents will no longer be needed. We could grow these creatures as we do plants; simply put the child in a sort of training camp depending on his/her genes. Let us breed--I mean synthetically create--certain children to be the noble men and women...