Blinded by the Truth

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Ja'Marcus Jones

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20 September 2014

Blinded by the Truth

Throughout my life I have made decisions that I can say that I am not proud of. Decisions where I was either disobedient to my elderly peers, not taking heave to warnings they gave me, or just feeling like I was superior to others. All which affected me in a very negative way, and also caused me to have a slight downfall as a young man. Well Oedipus, the tragic hero in Oedipus the King by Sophocles, had multiple choices that ultimately caused him to face a tragic downfall. Choices that I believe if he decided differently would have saved him from the agony, pain, and embarrassment he later faced at the end of the story. In this formal essay I am going to address a few places and choices where I felt Oedipus could have taken a different route.

Places where he forced information out of people using his power as a king, places where he was too blind to see warnings, places where he was just determined to get what he wanted. Maybe if he would have decided to handle these situations differently Oedipus would not have had such a dramatic and tragic downfall.

With the city of Thebes in a drought and the people of Thebes seeking questions why, King Oedipus sends for answers. He finds out that the reason why the drought has stricken the city is because the killer of Laius, Thebes's former king, has not been punished for the crime. Oedipus then seeks a blind prophet named Teiresias for answers. When the prophet gets to Oedipus he insist that Oedipus just forget about the situation and leave it alone. This is the first place where Oedipus has...