Blood-Borne and Infectious Diseases: Hepatitis C

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This assignment is based on a case study selected from HIV/Viral Hepatitis a Guide for Primary Care (Dore et al. 2001).

For the purpose of this case study I will identify the patient discussed by the name of Mariah. This is a fabricated name allowing confidentiality to be maintained.

This case study will explore a clear and accurate description of Mariah and her problem. Pre and post testing will be the main focus of this assessment, concentrating primarily on the following:

- Risk assessment: what tests are to be performed and the reason for testing

- The natural history of hepatitis C

- Assessment of lifestyle

- Advice on how to minimise impaired health from hepatitis C

- How to reduce the transmission risk

- What a positive result means in regard to: medical and psychological aspects

- The reliability of results and the window period

- Explanation on support available

Mariah is a twenty nine year old married female.

Mariah and her husband of 2 years reside in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Mariah is four months pregnant. She and her husband are very excited about being parents for the first time. Mariah and her husband have a close relationship and enjoy an active social life together with family and friends. She is employed as a full-time solicitor where she has worked for six years within a successful metropolitan firm. Mariah values the rapport she has established with her co-workers. Mariah plans to decrease her working hours and responsibilities to part time as her delivery date draws closer.

Mariah admits to experimenting with injecting amphetamines when she was nineteen years of age. She stated that she had only injected on 'one or two' occasions and this occurred while she was studying her accounting degree at university.