Boarding Schools Pros v.s Cons

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Boarding Schools

What do you think of when you hear the words 'boarding schools'? Personally, I think of a school in a foreign country where the students hate the idea of being away from home. I feel that boarding schools aren't as primitive as one feels. I also feel that boarding schools have both their pros' and cons', and that whether the experience is enjoyable, depends on the person attending.

NAZREEN is a former student of 'MRSM', and she states "I thought they {parents} had abandoned me to strangers and did not want to bother with bringing their only daughter up. Little did I realize that it would only serve to make the bond between us stronger and better" (pg. 1, The Star). She goes on to discuss how beneficial boarding school was for her, and she urges parents to try it for their children.

Boarding schools have both their pros' and sons' and I feel that boarding schools can be good depending on the personality of the student.

Some students would appreciate boarding schools, and others would loathe them. Personally, I don't know how I'd feel about attending a boarding school. I might love it, but I might hate it, for me it would depend on the type of people attending the school, and the atmosphere its built in.