"Body Fires" by Fay Jones Art Critique

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Critique of Art Painting by Fay Jones Very insightful great paper!!

Critique of Body Fires

Artist Fay Jones a veteran of the Seattle art community, currently has on display works of acrylic paintings spanning the last twenty years of her career. The exhibition "Fay Jones: A 20 Year Retrospective" can be viewed at the Museum of Art / WSU. This paper will focus on her triptych painting "Body Fires". A painting that portrays a dream like and imaginative world full of color. Jones imagines couples, sailors, and boxing that inhabit the enigmatic and nostalgia of the dream world. In this critique, I will attempt to express the symbols, styles, and emotions I perceived while viewing "Body Fires".

Each of the rendered subjects is a symbol, an iconographic whole

for a selected idea in the artist's visual vocabulary. Some of her figures look as if they were painted on glass then shattered and cracked; others are contained within a world of expanded possibilities.

The artist visualizes and creeps into a fantasy where one might not want to return.

The adversity I find in this painting is overwhelming, in the first frame the sailor is lying down dreaming of a true love (a woman) he wishes to be with, the fire consumes is inner body and soul ascending into his dream.

The second frame has a man contemplating his life, for him to face the future he needs to acknowledge the past. The fires within him brings bitter memories of this lonely past. The third frame has the man in the arms of the woman he was dreaming of and hoping for all his life. Jones expresses a climatic conclusion in this painting by combining the two weeping figures as one. The fires burned deep within the man and woman presenting a...