Oil On Canvus

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This work of art was very appealing to me because of its use of colors. The subject in this painting is two boats sitting in the water during a winter evening. This is an Oil on Canvas work of art. The artist painted this looking straight ahead on ground level. The colors in this work of art are what make it so special. The value is very low and dull. Being a painting of a winter scene the artist used a combination of cool colors. Such as: light-green, light-pink, light brown, blue-green. The paint was applied on the canvas very thick giving it a very rough texture. The lines in the painting are very jagged and edgy. The shapes are very geometrical and are very simple. The painting is has a lot of implied lines in the background. It resembles to me a painting of the Impressionist.

The composition of this painting is another reason this painting is a success.

The harmony in this picture is the geometric shapes and the cool colors. It also had different colors and some implied shapes, which gave it variety. Placing a boat on both sides of the painting balanced it out very well. The cool colors were the dominant element in the painting. This is what made the picture worth my time. The strokes of the brush were going in every direction throughout the painting, which made your eyes move everywhere looking at every inch of the painting. The boats and the buildings in the background gave you an idea of the proportion in the painting. The boats in the water and the cool colors make you feel the coldness just looking at the painting giving it great economy. The painter also did a good job of...