Book Critique: Louisiana Purchase

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Donald Barr Chidsey wrote Louisiana Purchase in 1972. General Publishing Company published it in Canada. The author, Donald B. Chidsey, was a newspaperman for ten years on many different papers. He became a full-time writer in 1928 and wrote more than fifty history books. Donald B. Chidsey is best known for his historical and biographical works. He also was awarded Boys Clubs of American Junior Book Award for Rod Rides High in1951 and Colonial Dames of American annual book award for the Birth of the Constitution in 1965.

In Louisiana Purchase, Donald B. Chidsey told us about the stories behind the Louisiana Purchase, the biggest real estate deal in the history. What led to Louisiana Purchase? And what were the great consequences of the purchase?

When France owned the huge, undeveloped territory of Louisiana, he just left the lands there and didn't know how to use it. The author used specified evidence to prove it.

"In 1718, the company d'Occident was granted a monopoly of Mississippi River trade for twenty-five years."(P44) John Law had the totally control of the whole company. Even though he noticed that the land of Louisiana was rich in precious minerals, he did not have time for it. He was so busy for earning the big profit in France.

After Spain took over the Louisiana territory from France at the end of the Seven Years War in 1763, the American congress recognized the importance of take control of the Louisiana. Spain did not like America at all. They blocked the mouth of the Mississippi River, blocked all the trades along the Mississippi River to the New Orleans port. This was a such big attack to the economic of the United States, because thousands of Americans who lived along the Mississippi River and Ohio valleys depended on...