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Michelle "The Breakup." There wasn't a whole lot of action and movement in Michelle's play, but the action that there was really fit in. As for the scene that stuck out, I would have to say the parking lot scene. It kind of drug out and wasn't really realistic. The entire cast did pretty well. No one really stuck out. Jessica did a good job in that she had the most lines and was clear and audible through the whole thing.

Kim "Girl Talk About Scholl and People" I didn't think that this play had any action at all. The entire cast was stationary through the whole play. The actors did a good job considering they didn't have to do anything. There isn't really a particular segment to comment on, since there was only one segment in the five plus minutes this went on. LeAnn did a good job having to fill in at the last second.

LeAnn "The Prom Choice." The action in the play moved along really well. It was the best up to this point. The cast did a really good job, and weren't static at all. The monologue segments were unique to LeAnn's play so that really stuck out in my head. Jason did good. He had to do the monologue parts and I think he kind of pulled them off.

Adam "Crappy Shorts." The action was good. There were a couple of slip ups on some lines, but I thought the cast did a good job otherwise. The flashback was unique to Adam's play, so I liked that the same as I like the monologue in LeAnn's. Parker did good, and was kind of funny. He did slip up on a couple of lines though.

Annie "Good plan, Poor Execution." There wasn't really enough action, and the plot was kind of hard to follow. The cast did a good job. They got all of the lines out pretty good. The scene that stuck out was the one when Adam confronts the girls about stealing, because I thought it could have been pretty good if it had a little more emotion. LeAnn's performance was good. She was the most expressive.

Chris S. "The Manhattan Project." This play probably had the most action, but the plot was a hard to follow. I thought the plot was good. It just didn't get acted out quite right. However, I do think the actors put a lot of enthusiasm into this play, which was nice. I liked the very first scene, because it started in the middle of a conversation. This didn't happen in any other play. The notable part was Parker's because he had a split personality to play.

Nathan "The Last Resort." There wasn't a whole lot of action in this play. The plot was good however, so it didn't seem like it need anymore. The entire cast performed really well. The restaurant scene was my favorite because it was pretty funny. Alex had the best performance, because she was the one that made it seem funny.

Jessica "Unexpected Outcomes." This play had a lot of action, which I liked. Jessica's play had a different feel to it than anyone else's and I really thought it was done well. The cast was very small, but I liked all of their roles. The scene when the guys are playing basketball really sticks out. There wasn't anything like that in any other play. Chris L.'s acting job was good. It seemed to give kind of a comedic relief.

Alex "After School Special." The action in this play really moved well. The cast did a really good job, I didn't even mind the couple of line slip ups. The scene in the mom's office when the brother keeps throwing the basketball at his sister was funny. LeAnn did a good job. Her part was really the biggest and she had to do a lot of different things for not much practice time.

Katie "The Crystal Zoo." The action in plot were good, but seemed really bland. The cast's performance was adequate, but nothing really special. The play inside this play was a segment that stood out to me, in a bad way. I don't know why I didn't like it. I just didn't. Kim's performance was pretty good, and by far was her best out of all of her roles.

Chris L. "Family." This play had to be done in kind of a compact area compared to what it's action really called for, but I like it. The actors really made the cramped stage work, making it one of the best performances, in my opinion. I liked the scene when they decided to drink the beer. It seemed really funny, just because I didn't really expect it. Parker's performance stood out. He did a good job.