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The book Holes, shows the main character Stanley Yelnats transforming from an unfortunate boy into a ridiculously lucky young man. His sentence to Camp Green Lake triggers this change in him and reveals a number of peculiar events. Throughout the story, the author, Louis Sachar, intertwines the story of Stanley and his great-great-grandfather Elya Yelnats like a big literature quilt. As you read deeper into the novel, the nuances of the camp seem increasingly similar to the setting described in Elya?s time. The reader is forced to ask himself, ?Does fate really exist? Can it effect a person?s life in such a great way?? Fate, it seems, is the only thing that can make or break Stanley. The plot of this story is completely built on a foundation of chance and coincidence, with Stanley being the center of it all. Three instances where they?re major coincidences in the book occur during the beginning when he is arrested for stealing, his experiences at camp that directly relate to his family history, and the happy ending for Stanley.

In these three sections, Stanley has all kind of good and bad luck. Yet, in the end, all of the things that happened to him seem to have happened for a reason. So, Stanley is at the mercy of fate to give him good fortune, or make him dig 5? by 5? holes all day long in the middle of the Texan desert.

The story begins with a description of Camp Green Lake. Stanley?s whole problem started when a pair of sneakers fell from a highway overpass. Shortly after, a cop witnessed him running with the shoes, which Stanley later found out were stolen. Of course, when Stanley said in court that the sneakers fell from the sky, the judge thought he...