Book Review : On Being Cripple

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The author here seems to be more very aware of her surroundings. Regardless, of her condition she has taken an all inclusive look at her self, co-workers, family, friends, activities and daily life both before and after MS. It's obvious that she intentionally labels herself. Our cripple bluntly describes what she thinks about her condition. Those feelings may be genuine, however I feel it is her intention to put these feelings to paper in order to strike a chord with the reader. It's easy to judge an individuals situation with an attitude of "as a matter of fact" because naturally we don't have to deal with it.

I have never had to deal with any disable or disadvantaged person. Don't get wrong I have seen them and held doors open, but the closest I have ever been was when I was 12 and broke my leg in playing soccer and became wheel chair bound for 2 months.

At the time you would have guessed I had been diagnosed with the pleaque with my constant crying and anger at the world. Yes, I was 12. The point I'm trying to reach is this woman appears to have come to terms both with the world and others but more importantly with her condition. It's a testament that attitude makes all the difference.