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Morgan, Edmund S. The birth of the Republic, 1763-89 / Edmund S. Morgan University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1977Brown, Robert Eldon, Charles Beard and the Constitution, a critical analysis of "An economic interpretation of the Constitution." Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1956When addressing the Constitution one must think of the many hardships, glorious victories, and most importantly the sense of pride and patriotism that thrived and helped characterize America as an accumulative society. The constitution helped quench the colonists thirst for Independence as well as the concept that they had the biggest effect of their country's future and that they have the natural right to chose as a nation whom shall lead their country. The constitution conceived the first authentic concept of an actual legitimate republican government and aided in expanding the Americans natural rights and freedoms. Even though such glory and triumph came out of this single document many individuals began to develop and ill will towards the constitution and were not afraid to advertize their hostility towards the document.

In Charles A. Beard's An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, Beard refutes this perception of the founding fathers and state that the leaders are driven by greed and not for the rights of the people. In Edmund S. Morgan's The Birth of the Republic: 1763-89, Morgan portrays America as a country that functions solely for the purpose of the people's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the case of whether Beard's animosity or Morgan's patriotism depicts the factual and superior image of the colonists and early America the true victor of the debate would have to be Edmund s. Morgan. Morgan's analysis is well written and seems more plausible than beards interpretation. He expands on how the colonists combated Great Britain and did not secede to their...