Book Review: The Gift of Therapy by Y.D. Yalom

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Dr. D, Irvin Yolam the author of 'The Gift of Therapy and over ten (10) other books, is a million copy best selling author who is a world known and recognizable therapist who has gain recognition for his contribution to the field of therapy. Having done a magnitude of work in the field of therapy, the scholar who was once a professor at the Stanford University has written and dedicated the book "The gift of Therapy to his wife Marilyn for over fifty years and fellow therapist and clients, whom he tries to encourage and educate about the possible dos and don'ts of the profession. The book The Gift of therapy was first published in 2002 by HarperCollins publishers.

Coming out of the book Irvin Yolam concern seemed to have grown from the reduction of trained therapist and the watering down of the profession as a result several factors.

He theorized that many young therapists lack the knowledge of dealing effectively with various issues that often times arise in therapeutic sessions or have simply lost the zest for the profession. How equipped, confident and competent are these therapist who are being trained? Are the principles of the profession being ignored or slighted? How does the author of the novel (The Gift of Therapy) view these points? Yolam tries to impart imparts his unique wisdom for successful therapy to his target audience.

The gift of Therapy is the combination of master psychiatrist Dr Irvin Yolam thirty-five years work as a therapist, illustrating through real case studies how both patients and therapists can maximize on therapy sessions. He has provided a eighty-five chapter book in which he shares his own fresh approach and the insight he has gained while treating his...