Book Review of 'Leap of Love: A Novella' By Catherine Lim

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Book Review

1 Summery

What was the story about?


i. Time: 1980 to 1992

ii. Place: Singapore

iii. Main characters: Li-ann and Jeremy


Li-ann young, bright, beautiful, a believer of true romance, had rejected all her many suitors, including K.S., waiting for her dream man. While running an errand for her mother on 29th February 1980 in Orchard Road, Li-ann catches sight of Jeremy for the first time and realises with a start that he was her dream man. He was sitting in Blue Paradise café, reading a book and drinking coffee. According to a western tradition, 29 Feb was the only day for females to approach the males with requests that they cannot turn down. She hid behind a pillar, and had a note passed to him, making a move allowed by the leap year tradition. Jeremy was totally enthralled, he wrote 'OK' on his palms using lipstick borrowed from waitress and flashed it out to the busy road, agreeing to meet at 8 o'clock, at the same café.

Their first meeting was radiant with love's promise. Their happiness did not last long as Jeremy had to catch a flight to Vancouver for his marriage. He left with a promise to come back every 29th February.

Over the years, Li-ann couldn't forget him, regardless how K.S. and her mother persuaded her to give up. 4 years later, Jeremy came back. He divorced his wife and concentrated all of his love on his son and Li-ann. He spent a lovely day with Li-ann at Rasa Sayang Hotel

The years went on, with Jeremy only meeting Li-ann once in 4 years. In 1992, the lovers agreed to meet at Rasa Sayang Hotel. On that faithful day, the radio reported the collapse of Rasa Sayang Hotel. Li-ann was horrified.