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standing in the light, January 21, 2004

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Standing in the Light is a book told in diary form about a young 13 year old girl named Catherine Carey Logan (Caty) who was growing up in the 1700's in 1763. Who's hardest problems in life are boy trouble and math. When rumors go around that there has been Indian raids talk begins , but Catharine farther believe's that if they trust and love the Indians and they will not hurt them. Catharine tries hard to hold on to these words and trust her fathers way.

A few weeks later Catherine and her brother Thomas are captured by Indians of the Lenape Tribe, in Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania while walking to school. During there travel to the Indian village Thomas grow's weaker and weaker and will not talk. Catharine begin to fear for her brother life taking day by day which she can no longer tell as time goes on days just seem to blend together.

When Thomas is no longer Strong enough to walk an Indian carry him the way. They sleep in places like clearing, shelter of boughs,rock shelter . And eat things like cornmeal and sometimes deer meat.

When they get to the Indian Village, Catherine lives in a hut with two other Indians Little cloud and her mother White owl and her baby who has not been named yet. They name Caty after White owl child who died from the melees (Chillie) . Catherine and her brother are separated the next day. That makes Catherine upset and worried. Caty demands that she will not respect them in till her brother is returned to her . Catharine talks bad things about them right to there face in her language and yell at the children they can...