Book Title: Scarlet Letter Author: Nathaniel Hawthorn

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Literary Analysis Paragraphs

Scarlet Letter


In the Puritan society of Hester's day; the Scarlet Letter represents a 'sinful' woman who cheated on her husband. Adultery was accepted then, just as much as cashing a check in the U.S. without I.D. while looking like Bin Laden today. Although every one looked down on her, Hester Prynne's pride and dignity grew from the harsh intensions of the Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet Letter was supposed to make her feel ashamed and guilty about cheating on her husband. Despite her circumstances of the town's stubbornness and living in a dirty, rundown area she still managed to be a lovely and content person. Children believed she was a witch. They would sneak out on the despicable and almost intolerable soil Prynne lived on just to get a peak of the supposedly, 'unholy' Hester. Just like we get a thrill off rap music and Sony Play Stations, getting a peak of Hester was the thrill of 'their' day.

It was because their society was set up to believe they should disassociate with any one outside the circle of Puritan standards which included no sins. Also because there was no television or radio in those days, just about anything could be out of the ordinary. Almost every relationship someone cheats and 50% of Americans marriages end in divorce in these days. Yet, during the Puritan period Hester cheating on her husband and having a baby out of wedlock was the talk of the town. The Scarlet Letter represented filth and sin which assured a consequence of recluse. But on her it held delicacy. So what made Hester so different? It was her God given sewing skills that brought her fame in the mist of shame. "That Scarlet Letter, so fantastically embroidered and illuminated...