Scarlett Letter

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This afternoon at the scaffold something terrible happened. The minister died after giving his best sermon ever. During his sermon he claimed that, "The people of New England will be chosen by God." It was his most inspired and truthful sermon that he has ever gave. After the sermon there was a feast, and during the feast the minister told the crowd about the sin that he had been holding back.

At first I did not understand what he was doing going on the scaffold with Hester. On his way there Chillingworth tried to stop the minister but he said that God has sent him there. Once he got on top of the scaffold with Hester he called himself, "The one sinner of the world." When he said that I wasn't sure what he had meant by it. After that he reveals the red letter a branded on his chest.

Then it was clear to me. He was the father of Pearl.

My family and I have always disliked Hester for her criminal act. We thought that she got off easy for the sin that she committed. When I found out that Dimmesdale was the one that fathered Pearl I lost all respect for the minister. I can remember seven years ago when Hester stood alone on the Scaffold I was 15 years old and I couldn't believe what she had done. If the minister would commit such a crime, maybe we should accept it if a marriage isn't working out. I think that people should be able to get a divorce if the one they married isn't the right one.

Most of the other people that I have talked to say that the minister's A resulted from Chillingworth's poisonous magic. Some of the people say it is from...