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The engraving by Paul revere is embellished exposé of the skirmish, which later on came to be referred to as the Boston Massacre, between Boston's citizens and British soldiers on 5th March, 1770. As seen in the image, there is a group of seven soldiers in uniform, on the right and on the signal of senior officer, fire into the civilian crowd on the left. Three members of the civilian crowd are later seen bleeding on the ground. Other two injured individuals have been lifted by the mob. In the forefront of the image is a dog; while at the background are rows of houses, the Town House and the First Church. Behind the British soldiers lies another set of buildings which include the Royal Custom House bearing the sign "Butcher's Hall", which might be considered as a sardonic comment.

Underneath the print, there are eighteen verse lines, which begin by the verse: "Unhappy Boston! see thy Sons deplore, Thy hallowed Walks besmeared with guiltless Gore." There are also other listed things listed on the image,; such as the list of the "unhappy Sufferers" including Saml Maverick, Saml Gray, Crispus Attucks , Patrick Carr and James Caldwell who were killed and six other who were injured with two of them: John lark and Christr Monk fatally wounded. [1: Revere, Paul, The bloody massacre, (1770)]

The company of British soldiers in Boston has for long been contagious issue amongst various radical politicians in Boston. As captain Preston's account is given, It is a matter of too great notoriety to need any proofs that the arrival of his Majesty's troops in Boston was extremely obnoxious to its inhabitants. They have ever used all means in their power to weaken...