Bowling for Columbine

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Text Analysis Bowling for Columbine Jaiden Harrison

Text Analysis Bowling for Columbine

Political Activist and film maker Michael Moore created a documentary on the Columbine shootings, and Americas policy on wielding a gun. The documentary focuses on many aspects of American culture from ghettos and slums, to the wealthy and powerful components of American infrastructure. The documentary revolves around the violence American citizens endure on a daily basis and concludes that the problem centralizes around Americans and the use of their guns. Being a political activist, and disagreeing with America's policy on guns, Moore approaches this dilemma with an already set perspective of demonizing the idea of ordinary citizens being able to buy guns and ammo. Through this documentary Michael Moore attempts to cause a social change in American culture. He uses many film techniques to get across his disapproving view of the concept such as: Music, Camera angles and Humor and Editing.