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Danato Bramante was a renown Italian painter and architecture; famous for the work he performed at St.Peter's Basilica. Renaissance artists from Mantegna and Piero della Francesca guided him at the beginning of his artistic career. Rules of perspective were his major interest in his early studies. He had architectural skills which later outdid his artistic skills and they can be depicted by the buildings he constructed (Frommel, 2007).

In 1474 he moved to Milan to develop his architectural skills. The buildings which had gothic style flooded the city of Milan which had a major influence to Bramante when he was building churches in that city. Later Duke Ludovico Sfora recognized his work and Bramante accomplished many projects under his guidance. They had a great relationship and Bramante was the architect of Sfora's Court as well as collaborating together with him to rebuild the Santa Maria presso San Satiro church.

Bramante was also the architecture of Santa Maria delle Grazie structures, Sant' Ambrogio cloisters as well as Pallazo Caprini together with many other structuers in Milan (Ackerman, 1964).

Bruschi (1977) reports that, Milan invasion by the French army in 1499 forced Sfora, Barmante's master to flee to Rome where he was soon joined by Bramante; Bramante lived there for the rest of his lifetime. After a short while in Rome, Cardinal Della Rovere noticed the talents of Bramante who on becoming the Pope Julius II gave him a patron who was wealthy and powerful. Bramante early relationship with the Pope helped him to work as an architect of the Belvedere courtyard that is in Vatican. He also worked on Santa Maria della Pace cloisters which are located near Piassa Novona; they were notable work and acknowledged by many people as great architectural structures (Bruschi, 1977).