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Why Breast Feeding Is Better Michelle was a first time mother at the age of twenty-two. Her pregnancy went very smoothly until about three weeks before the baby was due. Michelle became very ill and the mother had to have a c-section. The baby was very sick and was born with fluid in the lungs and a slight case of pneumonia. Michelle was not allowed to feed her baby by bottle let alone permitted to breastfeed her. The day finally came when the baby was in good enough condition to be held. The first thing Michelle did was hold her baby to her breast and hope that she would take the breast. The baby however did not take the breast. It took about a week of trying for the baby to actually take the mother's milk. Once her little girl began to breastfeed regularly her recovery rate almost doubled. The doctors told her that all she needed was her own mother's milk (Follen 26).

A mother's milk is made for a mother's child. A mother's milk has everything an infant needs to stay alive, and not only benefits both the child but the mother as well. Breast feeding over bottle feeding is the healthiest for your child, and has the most positive effects for a baby.

In the last decade various studies have been made to show statistical results of why breastfeeding is better. One article by Rebecca D. Williams writes how breast-feeding will ultimately save the consumers money. Obviously human made milk does not require any sort of device to extract the milk and you will not have to pay for any sort of packaging. This is very important when we are dealing with statistics for mothers in third world countries. Food is so scarce for the adults that...