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"In 2000, over 68% of American women were breastfeeding newborns. But only 31.4% were still nursing by their babies' sixth month, and only 17.6% by their first birthday" (Meek). Have you ever thought about whether or not you will breastfeed when you decide to have kids, and if so, for how long? This thought may not even enter a parents mind until the birth of their child, while others already have their whole breastfeeding schedule planned out by the time they find out they are pregnant. Although there is no set date for when to stop breastfeeding a child, it is said that breastfeeding is essential for the first year of life (Williams). So why aren't all mothers breastfeeding and why are those that are breastfeeding not breastfeeding for the first year of their babies' lives? Although some may feel that mothers should not breastfeed, I strongly believe that they should.

The only reasons that I can find that would support those who oppose breastfeeding are unhealthy mothers breastfeeding and how the mothers breastfeed in public. Although there are some instances where a mother should not breastfeed, there are plenty more reasons she should. Breastfeeding has benefits to not only the baby, but also the mother, father, and the society. Although some may not agree with breastfeeding, studies have shown that breastfeeding has long lasting benefits not only for the baby, but also for the parents, society, and the environment as well. The natural way of doing something is always the right way to do it.

There are only two logical reasons that people would disagree with breastfeeding. Those two reasons are unhealthy mothers who breastfeed and how women breastfeed in public.

"Women who are HIV positive should not breastfeed" (Williams). People believe that women should not breastfeed...