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You're waiting silently on the MAX train. From a distance, you spot him. Somehow this always happens to you! He approaches and takes the only available seat...right next to you. It seems that you're a magnet to all the freaks on the train. As you watch him, you wonder what kind you have the "pleasure" to acquaint today. Chances are that he acts just like the average American. What does the average American look like though? The average American can be characterized as business-minded, patriotic and at times lazy. Looking closer at these traits, we see self-interest, advanced intelligence, impatience, wastefulness, and also unity. However, to say lazy just sounds rather cruel. How do Americans show laziness?

The average American tends to be overweight and unhealthy. Take a look around. We are constantly bombarded with fast food advertisements. "Eat what you want! Do what you want!" Everything continually changes so that we can do things using less energy.

What are we setting ourselves up for? Most Americans are very unhealthy. There are obvious reasons for this. We continually fill our body systems with substances that are harmful. It remains true that not all Americans are like this, but the general population radiates these characteristics. Another way that Americans are lazy lies in our consumption.

Comparatively, Americans are exceedingly wasteful. We are the population of mindless consumption. No other country goes through resources like we do. Then to top it all off, we tend to throw everything away in a landfill rather than recycle it. I look around at work and I see these characteristics shown every day! My boss will be using something, then when because a better version comes out, he will just throw it away. He often throws away perfect equipment. He opens up a soda, takes...