Obesity and How I'd Like to Help

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Greasy cheeseburgers, loaded French fries, gigantic ice cream shakes, and sweet pastries are the foods that people can't seem to get away from these days. I've always been a strong believer in maintaining a healthy weight and diet in order to live a good life and especially to avoid obesity, an issue that is arising in our society. This can lead not only to personal problems, but can also deny people from economic, physical, and social opportunities. There are many factors that contribute to this epidemic such as poor eating habits, lack of exercise, family history of obesity, stressful life events or changes, low self-esteem, and depression or other emotional problems.

First of all, obesity and its associated health problems have a significant impact on the U.S health care system economically. Medical costs, both direct and indirect, are a major part of it. These include treatment services related to obesity and morbidity and mortality costs.

It shocks me to know that people lose their lives over something that can be prevented or helped. Very large decreases in life expectancy are associated with overweight and obesity. Another problem it leads to is the skyrocketing insurance costs. A big portion of the medical costs related to this disease are being paid by major insurance companies, then in effect pushing them onto us taxpayers. It's a scary thought that these costs are almost as high as those related to smoking!Secondly, overweight and obesity can lead to physical complications and risks including heart disease, gallbladder disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, breathing problems, and diabetes, all of which inevitably lead to earlier deaths. People may also have trouble socially by having difficulties in their occupations. Being around others who are healthy and fit may lower their confidence and prevent them from interaction. I have...