A breif narration of the Pequod War.

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The Pequod War

English/North American History

The Pequods are not something you usually hear of, but they were a variety of Indian that lived in the area of Connecticut. The new settlers of Connecticut did not know these Indians very well. They would later learn, the hard way, just who they were.

At first the Pequods and the English settlers left each other alone. The Pequods then started to fight with the settlers. Three angry Pequods later killed one of the Puritans. This angered the Puritans so much that they decided to go to war with the Pequods. The Puritan settlers went on this journey in 1637.

The Puritans set out on their plan to attack the Pequod fort. They were faithful to the Sabbath Day when it came, but great winds arouse on Monday and Tuesday, and as a result they could not keep going on their original decision taking the path by the shore.

The next day they moved on. After this they had many problems with men fainting and wanting to go back to the settlement. Though this happened many faithful men continued to press on with the small army that remained.

This army mostly made of Puritan settlers, also convinced a small portion of Indians to help them find the Pequods and fight them. Even though it may seem as though it would have been difficult enough living like this, the surroundings in the forest got more harsh and perilous every day. Most of the time the Puritans had to sleep on rocks. Other times the Puritans didn't get any sleep at all. Once the settlers got near the fort, they would stand guard every night. This is said to have later scared the men because the Indians that were still a threat chanted...