This is a brief biography on Sir William Wallace.

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Sir William Wallace

I researched Sir William Wallace, a hero who lived in the 15th century. He was born in the early 1270s and died in 1305. Today, Mr. Wallace is recognized as one of Scotland's greatest national heroes. His goal was to free Scotland from the English rule.

Wallace, in his early years lived it Dunipace, near Stirling with his uncle who was a priest. He had a brother named Malcolm. William was a very tall man, around 6 feet, 6 inches, large and strong.

When Sir Wallace was around 19 years of age, Scotland was dominated by the English. The English, at this point, did not protect the Scots. Therefore, Scots, including William's father were killed by the English troops. This event probably is the reason that William Wallace had a large desire to fight for Scotland's independence.

To fight for Scotland's independence, Wallace fought for the causes he felt were worth fighting for, anything that he could go against the English government with.

As the years passed, he had more and more supporters to fight against the English government. William Wallace was said to be the king's enemy. He then invaded northern England and destroyed Northumberland and Cumberland. He continued to oppose the English and had some punishments such as near death of starvation or being enclosed in a dungeon for long periods of time. When Wallace was finally captured, he was found guilty for treason and barbarically executed.

Today, there are statues of Sir William Wallace as well as a 220 foot high National Wallace Monument placed near Stirling, Scotland. A recent movie, entitled "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson that goes through the main events of the life of Sir William Wallace.