Brief notes on the film: Marking time (in relation to conflict)

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Racial Conflict (Idea: They shouldn't be here)

Burning of the house (graphic)

Meetings (casual, community)


Islamic head piece - FEAR of difference (conflict between us & others)

Value's (clash of values) Ã social standing & education (thinking classes vs. non-thinking classes)

Educated (represented by Hal's family)

Bullet & Jamie (racist)

Language (crisp, precise, original vs. lazy clichéd language)

Imitation of language as a structure of though (limited vocabulary à vernacular) eg. Dare (slogans= commercialised) "Hit 'em for six" & "I dare you"

eg. simple (Rhanda) "Like words being used for the first time"

Inner conflict eg. Hall (fear vs. morals) Ã peer pressure; & Rhanda (indecisive) (love for Hal vs. love for her father)

Visual conflict between larrikin scenes & sedated scenes - positions responder to take sides [switch of different scenes - party vs. civilisation] (torch = bong)

Conflict against time (Rhanda's visa is expiring)

Political conflict (right vs.


What they think they are (multicultural etc) vs. what they really are eg. girls speech about multicultural Australia with racist man from the committee flashing around in the background à Irony - "I am you are we are Australian" à conflict of perception (what she is saying (her perception) vs. audiences perception (PLATITUDINOUS) - perspective vs. perspective

Truth vs. Lie: Use of media- news scenes, radio broadcasts à items off the news "babies thrown overboard" - deceit! (process of alienating people) à responders cringe (embarrassed) - we believe politicians (manipulated)

Mention of George Harrison "Build a bridge between East & West" Ã rolling credits (music is 'The Beatles') Ã Song: Across the universe