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Throughout time their have always been discrepancies over who, or what has the power. Even today their hare still civil wars in countries throughout the world. The crisis between the colonists and the British government was greatly affected by the fight over who had the power. There are three major causes over the fight over power. They are the Salutary Neglect act, who had the power to tax, and American Representation.

The salutary neglect act was a major issue that led to the American Revolution. Even though it was a little be before the revolution, salutary neglect as one of the main causes of the revolution. During the period of salutary neglect, the British had no contact with its colonies whatsoever. Then after the French and Indian war, the British started to use the colonists to help repay their debt. This is one of the main reasons why there was a fight over who had the power.

The colonists were learning how to be self-soothing. They had their own government, their own form of taxing, and then the British starts to tax them. This is one of the main reasons why the coo9nists started the American Revolution. Because of the British's taxing. If the British were taxing them then the entire period of salutary neglect, then it might not have been that bad, but they didn't. The British started to tax them after the salutary neglect and French and Indian war.

Who had the power to tax was one of the main causes of the American Revolution. Besides salutary neglect, this is what the entire revolution was fought over. The power to tax. The colonists were being taxed doubled what they were suppose to be getting axed. The intolerable acts, for example did nothing but anger the colonists, and...