British Telecom Case Study.

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BT is the leading telecommunication company in Europe. As the information and telecommunication requirements of people increases, British Telecommunication (BT) has a leading corresponding growth in the size and number of information processed. Therefore, the genuine analyses on BT are required for such an important and strategic company.

In that assignment, we followed the Systems Design approach which includes analysing the components of the system, brainstorming the alternatives to improve the processes and implementation of the preferred solution. First of all, we presented some information on the history of British Telecom considering the expanding process of BT. Then, we identified and analysed its key elements in the expansion of BT into about five different businesses BT Retail, BT Wholesale, BT Global, BT Openworld, BT Exact, and how The Group has re-focused its core activities on voice and data customers. After that, the mission statement of customer focus and excellent service promise, key business processes as to how BT operates and a STEEP analysis as to how BT is affected from external environment took part.

Thereafter, a SWOT analysis was conducted to show the state of BT in business as a brand and its opportunities in new technology and markets in contrast to the decreased volume of fixed calls and another problem to resolve the huge amount of debts. Finally, the critical success factors for BT and strategies to reach the corporate goals were analysed and based on that we proposed a specific information system to support each of the level of the management process named as "Marketing Information System", which is a kind of Decision Support System upon information requirements of British Telecommunications.

The main findings on BT research and its goals suggest that BT's main focus is on improving customer satisfaction through the strategies of intelligent pricing...