The brown and goldman case

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Gina Ramirez

CJ 1320

Unit 1: Project 1

Case Portfolio: The Brown and Goldman Case

Facts of the Case

On the night of June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found brutally stabbed to death outside of the Brown residence. The front door to the house was left open and Brown was found down the walkway towards the front gate of the residence. Her body had multiple stab wounds and her throat was slit, exposing her lyrnx. Goldman's body was found off the walkway towards the front gate of the residence as well, also with multiple stab wounds. The murder was said to have taken place between 10:15-10:40 on the night of June 12, 1994. Around that same time Brown's neighbors reported to police that Brown's Atika dog was barking constantly throughout that time period. The neighbor was walking their own dog around this time and heard muffled sounds and a man say "Hey, hey, hey" inside Brown's yard.

The neighbor thought nothing of it and continued walking their dog. The Atika dog was later found around 11pm by one of Browns neighbors. The neighbor noticed blood on the dog's paws and took it to another neighbor to make sure the dog was ok. Around 12pm the Atika dog led the neighbor to Brown's residence where the bodies were discovered and the police was called right after.

According to the testimony of limousine driver Allan Park, he arrived around the same time to the Simpson residence. He testified he was scheduled to pick up O.J. Simpson (Brown's ex-husband) to take him to the airport. He arrived there at 10:24 pm after circling the Simpson residence a couple of times in order to determine where the best place to park was. He said he did not see the Simpson's...