Brown vs. the board of education

Essay by ihave2nutzA, May 2004

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The American society is damaged. It has been damaged since the first slave ship set sail for this country, by the prejudices still within the great-grand children of former slave owners and slaves. Although the United States has made a lot of progress, you shouldn't forget that less than fifty years have passed since the day little Linda Brown and other innocent children were not allowed to attend a public school because of their color. The Brown vs. the Board of Education decision has changed not only the school systems that we use today, but also our everyday lives. Before the start of the Brown vs. Board of Education trial the segregation of everything from drinking fountains to schools was based on the Plessy vs. Ferguson trial in 1896. Under that decision segregation was legal as long as the separate places were seen as equal. However, black buildings and stores were often very poor quality.

While the whites often had sanitary drinking fountains, the blacks usually had a dirty old drinking hose. Though they were right next to each other, if a black man used the white man's drinking fountain he would be arrested. And most of the time blacks living in white neighborhoods had to go to the black neighborhoods to shop.

The original court ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education was in 1954, this court ruling said that segregation was unfair in all public schools. Linda Brown lived seven blocks away from a white elementary school, yet every day she walked one mile through a railroad switch yard to get to her inadequate black school. So her father tried to enroll her in the white elementary school. She was not allowed to enter the school. Neither were the many other black children who weren't allowed to enter...