Buddah's four nobel truths and a personal perspective.

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My Reaction to Buddha's four Nobel truths

Buddha's four Nobel truths: The first Nobel Truth is the existence of suffering, the second Nobel Truth is the cause of suffering, the third Noble Truth is the cessation of suffering, and the fourth Nobel Truth is the Middle Path that leads to the cessation of suffering.

The reflection of life upon these truths is in no doubt but to be clear. The existence of suffering: Birth is suffering, growth, decay, and death is all suffering. It is to be joined with what we dislike. Yet, still is the separation from that what we love, and the pain is the craving for that what we cannot obtain. My life abides this very closely, and I think every life does as well. The fait of coming into the world was to physical pain to my mother, and growing has caused both mental and physical pain to me.

The learning of the world and its truths can alone be a harsh knowledge. Death and decay haven't come to my road yet but when it does, the pain of facing the end will come.

The Cause of suffering can very well be explained in any mortal's life. The cause of suffering is lust. It's when one's view is tainted with want and cannot see their ending with sorrow. Pleasures are the bait, and the result is pain. In relation to this, lives may merge together and then be a strayed by a natural cause of death, deceit, or a turning of face. My short life I haven't lost another being of extreme closeness, although I have seen and felt the hurt of deceit and of wickedness in faces turning because reasons of a fogged view.

The Third Noble Truth is the cessation of suffering. It is...