Exorcisms Research paper and how a possessed person is brought back to their original state. (includes parenthetical documentation)

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The Devil works in many mysterious ways that are not as evident as they may seem. He works through people and objects in various forms and levels of severity. There are several ways of accessing the devil and his powers, whether it be intentional or unintentional, and "getting in" is considerably easier than "getting out." At first, what may seem to be harmless fun and contain interesting rituals, can lead into unforeseen evil and destruction. Some activities, movements, and lifestyles are more open to demonic forces and prone to welcome evil. As one grows to be more and more involved in these malevolent endeavors, evil influences seek control that can often result in possession. Many people have become possessed do to the New Age Movement, and through exorcisms are brought back to their normal state.

The New Age Movement is difficult to define as one singular movement. It is a combination of eastern influences that make up a number of philosophies and theologies.

In this movement, "man" is the central figure, being viewed as divine, and progressing toward a kind of godhood (Pacwa, 117). Since it is a movement, (although practiced as a religion by many) there are not a set of definite beliefs that all of those involved share, and its shapes and forms are almost countless. "The New Age Movement is a very broad, feel-good, movement. It teaches inner-divinity, goddesses, the Christ consciousness, spiritual evolution, being one-with-nature, and anything else you want to believe -- except Christianity" ("New Age Movement"). Many possessions and manifestations occur to those who have used or been involved in activities such as: Ouija boards, seances, magic 8 balls, palm reading (even as a game), tea leaf reading, fortune telling, potions, incantations, yoga (even as exercise), martial arts, witchcraft, dungeons and...