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BUDDHA My report will be about Buddha's, Siddhartha Gautama's, life story. I will also go into detail about the chapter of Buddha in the book Makers of World History and what each different author had to say about Buddha. I will also show how the values of the Indian civilization were influenced by the teachings of Buddha.

Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who would later be known as Buddha, was born in Sakaya India around the year 567 BC. He was the son of two important great people. Siddhartha's father's name was Shuddhodana, the King of the Sakyas. His mother, Queen Mahamaya, was fearless in heart and full of grace and virtue. Siddhartha Gautama got his name from one of his mother's dreams. Her dream was that an elephant with six tusks, carrying a flower in its trunk, touched the right side of Queen Mahamaya's body. That was when Buddha was miraculously conceived.

When she told her husband about her dream, he called Brahmins, or taught men, to interpret it. They predicted that the child one-day would be the greatest king in the world or the greatest ascetic in the world. So that's why they called him Siddhartha, meaning "he who's accomplished."� Later on Buddha married Yasodhara, who was the daughter of on of the King's ministers. Buddha and his new wife had a child about a year after they got married. They named their son Rahula.

A few years later Buddha asked his charioteer to take him for a ride throughout the city. While riding he saw three things he had never seen before. One was an elder man, another was a man suffering from illness, and finally he saw a dead body surrounded by mourners. Since he had never seen anything like that before he asked his charioteer...