How to Burn Playstations games with Nero.

Essay by Snubb_77 June 2003

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How to burn playstation games with Nero

So how do you copy games with Nero?

It's very easy just however we recomend the software created by Nero Download

the program and start a new Copy disable the Fly Mode and copy using 1X Speed

Only! Note: Nero is an advance CD copy utility it is available for free trial

and sometimes there are errors installing it when used with Adaptecs Direct CD.

There are some solutions at Nero for Fixing the troubles. The solutions will

also fix some problems that Adaptec has.

First put the PSX Game into your CD-R Drive. Start Nero, it should start in New

Compilation, then select CD-Copy, and go to the burn tab. Uncheck Determine

maximum speed and simulation. Only leave Write Checked Always set the burn speed

to 1X.

Choose the reader, which should be your CDR drive, uncheck On the Fly. And set

Read Speed to 1X Always.

Go to Image Tab, Select a Location to put your image into. Its up too you if you

want to check Delete image after Cd copy. You can keep the image if you want or


Set Number of Read Retries to 20 Check Ignore illegal TOC Type. Do not check

Read media catalog.... if it becomes available to check. DATA TRACKS Data Mode

1: Check Force raw reading and on errors.. write uncorrected Data Mode 2: Same

as Data Mode 1. AUDIO TRACKS Only check Ignore read errors Then go to COPY CD.

This will start reading the CD. WHEN IT IS DONE THE DRIVE WILL EJECT, TAKE OUT

THE GAME AND PUT IN A BLANK CD-R (See "What type of Media Below). THEN THE


might look like nothing...