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For the last couple of years our company has spent an outrageous amount of money on fuel. The increasing price of gas and the number of miles our vehicles travel each day is costing our company a lot of money. With the new technology that is available using hybrids and new types of diesel fuels we could save our company money and help save our environment at the same time.

One of our trucks fills up on fuel at $75 per tank at least three times a week. That is 12 times a month at $900 per truck. Since we have 20 trucks in our fleet, we are spending $18,000 a month for fuel alone. By investing in hybrid or bio-diesel and practicing some good driving techniques we could cut that cost tremendously.

•NREL's Advanced Heavy Hybrid Propulsion Systems Project (AH2PS) focuses on improving these heavy trucks and buses. Teaming with the U.S.

Department of Energy and industry, we're developing advanced heavy hybrid propulsion systems that are projected to increase the fuel efficiency of heavy trucks (Class 3-8) and buses by as much as 100%, and improve their emissions to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's 2007-2010 emission standards. Overall, AH2PS-developed technologies are projected to save more than 20 million barrels of oil in 2010 and 250 million barrels of oil in 2020 (NREL, 2007)•We're excited to be among the first to deploy this latest in HEV technology because it promises a 35-percent increase in fuel economy in addition to a dramatic decrease in vehicle emissions," said UPS fleet environmental manager Robert Hall. UPS noted that the 50 HEV delivery trucks are collectively expected to reduce fuel consumption by roughly 44,000 gallons during the course of one year compared to a normal diesel truck (All Business, 2007)•The FedEx OptiFleet E700 hybrid...