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Sensira is a car manufacturing company that comprising of Marketing director, Finance director, Human Resource Management to determine the company's posture. Importantly, Managing director wield the executive authority to control the business strategy and running the company successfully.

As a financial director, I was responsible for financial control and that of financial management. However, the job was extremely harder than I expected as the financial strategies did conflict with the Managing director strategies.

In this essay, I will point out the several strategies that conflict with the directors and resulted in the massive difference between business plan and practical section. Also, It will show the different learning style and some relevant concept to Organizational Behaviors between the directors in this essay.

In Section two I mention the objective of the Sensira that was designed to make the company more concrete and real to its directors. How the objective affect me to set up the budget difficultly.

In Section three to Section four, focus on the concept of organizational behavior, which highlights how I worked in a group and suggested the strategic plans to improve the business performance.

In Section five, I introduce the strategic management process to explain the steps converts a company value into a workable strategy that consists of four stages in the my company.

In Section Six, examine the example to show how I learned and perceived the academic concepts from the group including perception, interaction, influence on the decision making process and the formed alliances.

Finally, the conclusion is directly linked to learning objectives and what I have discovered so far as the result of my work.

II.Objective in business plan (performance)

Competitive advantage for an organization is depending on their strategy, objective and business plan. The strategy can help the organization deal with...