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Through out time man has been trying to accomplish creating nothing into something. One great example of man trying to do this aspect has been seen through many people creating their own business. Many small businesses that start out with basically nothing, but a hope and a dream and hard work. Some of these businesses prevail and becoming large corporations, or stay small but excel within their own boundaries, and some businesses fail and because of lack of experiences and bad times. One example of a small business that started at the bottom and produced their dream to becoming an accomplishing business can be seen in my father?s private woodworking business, Night Woodworks.

Night woodworks a small sole proprietorship cabinet business is ran by my father and with a little help from me and my older brother Sherwin. Night woodworks all came about when my father was left out looking for a new job, because he was laid off because off cut backs in his pervious job were he was the top woodworker in the company.

Now Having all this woodworking skills from his previous employer and also from other sources, Scott my father decided to start his own cabinet business and work for him. The whole idea of a cabinet business was all started when a friend of his was in need of a kitchen installed in his home, and his friend was so pleased with Scott?s work that he paid him about double of what he was originally was going to offer Scott for is work. Then from this Scott felt that he could make a living off this and started what today is known as Night Woodworks. Since Scott only had a limited supply of tools he took out a loan to start his business. Then Scott...