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August 10, 2005

Bill M. Elater

Marketing Director

FedEx Corporation

942 South Shady Grove Road

Memphis, TN 38120

Dear Mr. Elater:

Subject: Word Processing Software Solution

As requested, the marketing team has researched a number of word processing software solutions and has found Microsoft Word 2003 to be the best all-around software package for FedEx.

Microsoft Word-2003 is the easiest word processing application in the market today in terms of ease of use. Plus it provides good support and integration between different applications as well as great technical support and availability by providing 24 X 7 technical phone support. In addition, whether it is a headquarters solution or a corporate wide directive the integration can be performed seamlessly as Microsoft Word-2003 has multi-language support, thus allowing for easy integration and use in other countries by our employees. Microsoft Word-2003 also provides easy to use templates, mail merger, and grammar and spell-check.

The system can effortlessly be integrated with other Microsoft Office products such as Excel for spreadsheet, graphs and charts; Access for database management; PowerPoint for presentations and E-mail as well as 3rd party software products such as Adobe and client interface software to transfer data from different applications and systems into MS documents.

By providing a simple global solution, Microsoft Word can improve our office productivity by providing simple interfaces between applications. The new release even provides compatibility between desktop, PDA's, Blackberries and some cell phones. Clearly Microsoft Word-2003 is the best solution as a word processing application for Federal Express world headquarters. I have tentatively scheduled a demo for the monthly corporate board meeting on July 15. Please advise whether this date needs to be changed.


Cathy Last-Name

Software Selection Team