Camouflaged Existence of the Living Prejudice in The Night of the Living Dead

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this is a film critique of the vintage movie, the night of the living dead.

Being a victim of discrimination is nothing new or shocking to minorities; especially African-Americans. Nevertheless, no matter how old these ridiculous and prejudice antics are, they will never become acceptable or right in the eyes of justice. Nonetheless, that does not stop people from pursuing their backward beliefs openly, including the people in the film industry. In the classic horror film, The Night of the Living Dead, there are a couple prejudice messages addressed to African-Americans. Surprisingly, this message was not as obvious as you might think it would be. It wasn't so bold and staring at you in the face as many other things do when it comes to discrimination. It came out at you when you least expected it. When you thought justice and equality were finally in play for all the public to view.

Just when you assumed that, "Hey, maybe the world isn't so bad after all." Thinking back and reviewing scenes from the movie in my head, I can start to point out all of the hidden clues and foreshadowing tools that were given and used during the film. I can vividly recall my thoughts and doubts about certain scenes or lines as they occurred. I knew something wasn't right; something was definitely crooked.

One of the many scenes that portray my opinion on the secret messages of the movie takes place in the beginning as follows. Both Ben and Barbara are in the house, both in attempts to save their own lives from the ghouls. Naturally, they, or rather Ben, automatically thinks to board up the house for security and isolation from the ghouls. Not only did Ben think do it, he was the one who...