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How can drug trafficking be controlled? The Drug Enforcement Agency has tried to limit the drug trafficking problem coming from countries south of the U.S. Also many other law enforcement agencies. The southern hemisphere has given the U.S. a really hard time with the international drug trade.

Where do drugs come from? Most of the marijuana Smuggling routes that come into the United States comes from the south. Columbia is one of the main contributors to the problems of the drug war. Not only does Columbia sell cocaine to the United States, it also sells marijuana. Columbia is responsible for over eighty percent of the cocaine distribution around the world. In Columbia cocaine production is the leading export and moneymaker of the economy. It even passes the production and export of coffee.(Melville, pg. 10) A major reason for this production and selling of drugs in Columbia is the Columbian Drug Cartel.

The cartel is a world-wide organization that makes and sells drugs to make a profit. The reason they are so powerful in Columbia, besides the fact that it brings so much money into the economy, is that the cartel "buys out" the government. The cartel pays out about one hundred million dollars a year to the government to keep the law enforcement on their side. Besides the law enforcement, the cartel has an army of their own so that makes them more powerful than if they didn't have an army. ( CIA agents estimate that drug trafficking from Mexico is on the incline. CIA agents believe that it is the low paying jobs and the standard of living that bring some of these small little farmers to big time drug dealers. The United States Central Intelligence Agency estimate that Mexican traffickers imported One hundred and seventy tons of ephedrine...